History of Textile Industry In Pakistan

Cotton textile industry has been premier industry in Pakistan and a major source of export earning and employment. It also helps in value addition to the manufacturing sector of the economy. Pakistan registered a growth rate of 101% per annum in yarn production although it ranked third after China and India in the global yarn production during the same six years. In exports, while Taiwan, India and the republic of Korea registered an annual respectively during 1993 , Pakistan in1997 important development was that the world’s largest exporter yarn followed by position. The Asian countries, Bangladesh, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Iran have been emerging in the international market to compete with Pakistan The rise in export of value-added products from Pakistan was another point of encouragement for the textile sector. The export of value-added products rose to 57.4% from 53.9% last year-a clear sign that we are moving in the right direction With such a positive trend, Pakistan’s textile sector is getting rid of old impediments and gearing itself up for the new opportunities in the new trade regime.

Faisalabad is the textile hub of the Country with more than 80.05% of the total employment and 40,322 millions of investment. According to the workers movement in Faisalabad, there are more than 12,000 power loom units in the city with more than 300,000 workers.
Due to increasing the prices of Electricity power and crises of load shedding many big units of Industries including Textile units closed and unfortunately a majority of Workers loss their jobs . Minimum wages Rs. 7000/- per month for un-skilled worker announced by the Government last year, but still it is not fully implemented in private sector. Implementation of labour laws is also a critical problem in country, contractor and sub-contractor system increased in the private sector
In the Textile & Garments industry million workers are working in different section and its connected industries. Just like Textile, Garments, hozry, power looms and its connected industries in Pakistan facing many occupational health and safety problems. Due to this they suffer in different diseases like. T.B. HIV aids, E.N.T dieses etc.
In this situation the workers of textile sector all over the country in Pakistan , have registered their industrial unity as a Pakistan Textile Workers Federation (PTWF) from NIRC Islamabad who is the first industrial federation in Textile industry registered
by National Industrial Relation Commission (NIRC) of Pakistan having 7500 workers member of different 16th registered CBA affiliated unions all over the country in four provinces (Singh , Bluchistan, khaiberpakhtoonkhwah and Punjab) in both spinning and valuaided industries.
A well known person in Textile sector Haji Abdul Jabbar elected as a President and a personality of National and International labour organizations Mr Osama Tariq is General Secretary of the Federation others officials are Mr Bashir Shakir Deputy General Secretary Munir Hussain Butt (Hsanabdal) senior vice president Mr Sajjad Hussain Gerdezi (Rawalpindi) Adl:G-secretary Mr Muhammad Hanif( Lasbella Baluchistan) vice president Mr Waqar Ahmad Memon(Karachi Sindh) vice president Mr Zulfiqar Ali (Haripur Khaiberpakhtoonkhwah) vice president Mr Safdar Khan (Attock) joint secretary Mr Muhammad Saeed(Faisalabad Punjab) joint secretary Mr Akhtar Nisar (Gujar Khan Punjab) joint secretary Mr Masood Arshad Finance secretary.